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Welcome !

This site is dedicated to the fossil sharks and rays from the Cretaceous of the Netherlands. Objective is to give a brief overview of the most common species which can be found in the cretaceous sediments of the SE part of The Netherlands and the adjoining area in Belgium. There are a few good books and journals with pictures about this subject, but most of them are out of print, so this site could be usefull for collectors who don't have them.
Important: I am a amateur fossil-collector and certainly not a specialist on maastrichtian shark- and rayteeth.
For this reason this site does NOT offer an exhaustive and complete list of all the species which can be found, just the most common species are listed. Recent publications mention the occurence of 52 species, but I restrict my overview to the 18 species I was able to collect during about a dozen visits to the ENCI-quarry near Maastricht. When collecting in the Limburg-area, you may have a good chance to find them too.

All the teeth displayed on this site are in my collection and have been collected by myself during my visits to the ENCI-quarry. In some cases I included pictures of teeth that I have found at other localities than the ENCI-quarry. These species can be found in the ENCI-quarry too, but I have included them because it were exceptional good specimen or I had no proper specimen from the ENCI-quarry in my collection.

You can find a classification of the maastrichtian sharks and rays of the Netherlands and literature about this subject, and separated pages for the maastrichtian sharks and the maastrichtian rays.

For those interested in collecting ...

Fossil sharkteeth can be found in the entire Maastrichtian limestone-package of the Netherlands and the adjoining area in Belgium. However, one of the best places to collect Maastrichtian sharkteeth in the Limburg-area is the ENCI-quarry near Maastricht. Have a look on the localities-page for details about the ENCI-quarry (access to the quarry, details about the best horizons for collecting, collecting tips ...).


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